Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ah, that feels better....

Wow, what an auspicious start to this season, it was so cold and windy when we launched. There were snow flakes flying about, but we persevered. We normally head right out of the harbor, just to stretch our legs as soon as we motor out of the travel lift bay, but not this year. Can't tell you how cold it was, north winds are biting cold and today was a classic example of this.
I have always felt that a boat looks out of sorts on land, so much better once they are afloat. She is tied nicely in our very protected harbor waiting for us to put the rig up and do our shake down sail. Hopefully the gang will have a little time to help get this done this coming weekend. With the team onsite, we can get her rigged and set to go in around 2 hours. It is always a little longer at the beginning of the year as we have to wash the winter grime of the spar before we put her up.

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