Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm back...

I left first thing in the morning last Thursday for a boat delivery. Got back Wednesday, just in time to jump on Convictus our Laser 28, for our regular Evening Series race.
Moved a Farr 42 race boat from Annapolis MD to Newport RI. This is a trip I have done numerous times, and it usually is quite uneventful. Not withstanding the logistics to get this accomplished, the trip was successful, event though we had a few speed bumps along the way.
Depart 7am, drive to Burlington, rent a large capacity vehicle, drive to Newark Int'l airport, return rental, get picked up with truck and driven to Cmax central for final packing of trailer, hook up truck and trailer, leave for Annapolis, stop at Jabin's Yacht Yard to unhook trailer, head to David and Marsha's. Our final arrival on Thursday night was 11 pm. Long, very long day. Heck of a way to start the trip.
Friday was boat prep and provisioning day. The boat has been on the hard since last October, so lots of little jobs needed doing to get us all ready. Little jobs more often than not turn into much bigger jobs when boats are involved, not to mention all the other minor things that went against us. Trailer jack broke when we disconnected the trailer the night before, starting battery on the boat had to be changed, shifter was seized and had to be completely dismantled lubed and re-assembled, propane needed re-filling, new sail had to be installed, provisioning for trip, organization and sorting of provisions, etc, etc, etc The list seemed never ending. Good thing our departure was pushed back until 2pm Saturday to coincide with the high tide in Cape May where we had to re-fuel. The first part of the trip, up the Chesapeake through the C&D canal and then down the Delaware was done under motor. Once out into the Atlantic, we would raise the sails and set a course for Newport. Not too bad, our actual departure was 2:20pm, which was fine as I had factored in a 2 hour buffer anyways.
Here is the sunset on our first evening out, which was taken in the upper Chesapeake.
Much much more to tell, but that will be for tomorrow or the next day. Stay tuned......

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great race night

Wow, what awesome weather for a race night. Terrible start put us behind before the start gun!!!!! Crew was not impressed with me, I can tell you! Faired a little better once we got off the line, but it would be better if I could get my act together....
Off bright and early tomorrow to deliver the Farr 42, Annapolis MD to Newport RI. With all the logistics involved I will be away up to 7 days, but hope to make it back by early Wednesday. The weather is looking much better than what the forecast indicated just a few days ago, so it's all good.
See you all next week.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Very wet weather....

It seems we are blessed with lots of rain this spring. We should have some amazing flowers come the sunny weather, right? The tulips are closed today, they are waiting for the sun to come out and play!!!!!!
It was quite cold on Sunday, and getting progressively warmer Monday then again today. We should see a break in the wet weather come Thursday, but I am hoping it arrives a little earlier. Say, in time for our Wednesday evening race......
I am off on Thursday to move the Farr 42 from Annapolis MD to Newport RI. Weather is looking good for our delivery. I will try to check in, but with limited internet access it might be only upon my return.
Stay safe and dry until then.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thursday, Friday and Saturday happenings.....

Busy time of year, but still managed to pull off a busy and entertaining end of the week. Thursday headed out to Ormstown for a beer chicken BBQ dinner at the Magnussens, an overnight stay at my sister's, back to the office for noon and dealing with customer sail pick ups. Friday evening brought the 2011 Inauguration ceremonies at the club followed by an amazing lobster dinner. Got in just before midnight and had to be up and ready to go by 7:15 am the next day. Off to the Sheraton for a 1 day motivation Rock Thomas seminar. Thanks go out to Ute and Lisa for organizing my participation in this great event. Back home now getting ready for another lobster dinner. How blessed am I.....
Have a great rest of the weekend folks, and stay dry for the next 5-9 days of expected rain showers.

What a great 1st race night

A little late with this report, but better late than never I say!
Great winds, very long course which was eventually shortened, lousy start, great downwind catch up, etc, etc. Wow, what a blast to finally be back out every Wednesday evening. We finished 2nd, within about 2-3 boat lengths of the winner, not bad for a first time around the cans for 2011.
Sorry no pictures, I was kept quite busy getting around the race course.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

1st race of the season tonight!

Woo Hoo, the first race is finally here. The weather is great, the wind look like it will cooperate to give us an interesting evening. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there.
It's a beautiful day, very apropos I might add. Finally got out on the water for a shake down sail. the water levels are quite high, so it allows us to sail in area where we would not normally go. Lot's of fun. We're all set for the start of the Wednesday evening series racing which is this coming May 11th. At least now we know the boat is ready to go. Not sure what condition or shape the crew will be in, but it's all good. The first few weeks are usually an exercise in getting everything and everybody back into racing form anyways, so we are set to go. First real weekend event is June 4-5 with our Quebec Open Championships, gives us a couple of races at least. Off to Annapolis on the 19th of May to move Convictus Maximus to Newport RI. I will attempt to keep this blog updated throughout this busy spring period.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

2nd sortie and still no sailing....

Managed to steal a few hours last Sunday to get out on the lake. We motored all the way to St.Anne-de-Bellevue even though the channel was marked only with a few winter marks. Thank goodness for GPS navigation and an iPhone app, thanks iNavX. The water levels are 5 feet over datum right now which means it would actually be very difficult to hit bottom. Here is a shot taken as we were approaching Pointe Claire heading west.