Friday, May 27, 2011

I'm back...

I left first thing in the morning last Thursday for a boat delivery. Got back Wednesday, just in time to jump on Convictus our Laser 28, for our regular Evening Series race.
Moved a Farr 42 race boat from Annapolis MD to Newport RI. This is a trip I have done numerous times, and it usually is quite uneventful. Not withstanding the logistics to get this accomplished, the trip was successful, event though we had a few speed bumps along the way.
Depart 7am, drive to Burlington, rent a large capacity vehicle, drive to Newark Int'l airport, return rental, get picked up with truck and driven to Cmax central for final packing of trailer, hook up truck and trailer, leave for Annapolis, stop at Jabin's Yacht Yard to unhook trailer, head to David and Marsha's. Our final arrival on Thursday night was 11 pm. Long, very long day. Heck of a way to start the trip.
Friday was boat prep and provisioning day. The boat has been on the hard since last October, so lots of little jobs needed doing to get us all ready. Little jobs more often than not turn into much bigger jobs when boats are involved, not to mention all the other minor things that went against us. Trailer jack broke when we disconnected the trailer the night before, starting battery on the boat had to be changed, shifter was seized and had to be completely dismantled lubed and re-assembled, propane needed re-filling, new sail had to be installed, provisioning for trip, organization and sorting of provisions, etc, etc, etc The list seemed never ending. Good thing our departure was pushed back until 2pm Saturday to coincide with the high tide in Cape May where we had to re-fuel. The first part of the trip, up the Chesapeake through the C&D canal and then down the Delaware was done under motor. Once out into the Atlantic, we would raise the sails and set a course for Newport. Not too bad, our actual departure was 2:20pm, which was fine as I had factored in a 2 hour buffer anyways.
Here is the sunset on our first evening out, which was taken in the upper Chesapeake.
Much much more to tell, but that will be for tomorrow or the next day. Stay tuned......

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